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      Published: 2 years ago
      Author: BullishCharts

      The #CoronaVirus / $COVID-19 Watch List | #BullishCharts

      The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (caused by the COVID-19 virus) has had devastating effects on the lives of many worldwide. With the death toll already in the thousands, investors have swarmed to stocks that are tying to tackle the outbreak; some of which having rallied as much as +1,000% in 2020. Let’s have a look at a few companies, where we believe there is still a possibility of substantial upside in the near future.

      Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ: $GILD) | #BioPharmaceuticals

      The company is eagerly awaiting results from their anti-viral drug, Remdesivir; which has been part of a study since early February in the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, Japan. These results could catapult GILD higher, if proven to be effective in the treatment of the Coronavirus, then a worldwide roll out would be expected withing days.

      NASDAQ: $GILD | Price: $80.22 | +26.87% YTD | Market Cap: $101.37B | P/E ratio: 19.06 | Short Interest: 1.71%

      Corona Virus Chart 1 - GILD

      OPKO Health, Inc (NASDAQ: $OPK) | #HealthCare / #LifeSciences

      Through its subsidiary, BioReference Laboratories Inc, the company has announced that it will offer testing for the COVID-19 virus through its vast health care network as early as next week.  This is surely going to be a major boost to revenue for OPK and offer the general public peace of mind; given the great difficulty, currently, in obtaining testing.

      NASDAQ: $OPK | Price: $2.32 | +57.82 % YTD | Market Cap: $1.55B | P/E ratio: N/A | Short Interest: 20.82%Corona Virus Chart 2 - OPK

      Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ: $INO) | #BioTechnology

      Shares have rallied in recent days after the company announced that they are ahead of schedule for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. “We plan to begin human clinical trials in the U.S. in April and soon thereafter in China and South Korea, where the outbreak is impacting the most people. We plan on delivering 1 million doses by year end with existing resources and capacity.”  J. Joseph Kim, President and CEO of INO, said in a statement.

      NASDAQ: $INO | Price: $14.09 | +321% YTD | Market Cap: $1.43B | P/E ratio: N/A | Short Interest: 13.35%

      Corona Virus Chart 3 - INOOther Stocks That Have Benefited From The $COVID-19 Virus:

      Among other stocks that have surged on the back of the COVID-19 outbreak, Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd (NYSE: APT) and Allied Healthcare Products, Inc (NASDAQ: AHPI); whom both engage in the protection of individual’s via clothing and respiratory devices.  Both of these are small cap companies, and have seen their stock price jump up +800% already in 2020.

      In summary, the current market is in turmoil and gains are hard come by. There are no certainties and no guarantees, moreso now than ever. Excellent companies with major cash hoards are down 25% in 2-weeks, while others, like INO, are up +600%. The Mega-cap companies will return to their perches eventually, but it is also very likely that some of these COVID-19 plays could return to their lows. As always, be very careful with your finances and invest only what you can afford to lose. We believe larger caps companies, like GILD and OPK, are safer trades, but less rewarding than short-term riskier picks, like APT and AHPI.

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      *The publishers of this report are NOT licensed investment advisors and do NOT provide investment advice. This content is meant for informational and educational purposes only. The publishers of this report may LONG or SHORT shares and/or options of the aforementioned companies in the open market. We reserve the right to buy or sell at any time. This is NOT a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities.

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