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      Published: 3 years ago
      Author: BullishCharts

      CrowdStrike / $CRWD Turns Bullish.

      Recent developments in the Middle East have once again drawn our attention to the Cyber security sector. Having had a successful IPO in June, CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) rallied 80% in 2 months to reach the $101 region before the entire sector fell out of favour and sold off heavily to a low of $45. Controversy has also contributed as the POTUS made particular care to mention it publicly regarding the scandal in Ukraine, to compound the trouble earnings were also seen as a disappointment to investors and analysts.

      Rumors and the Options markets are hinting that a rally is on the cards, so lets take a look at the technicals on the CRWD charts (below) to see if we can find some hints towards direction and scale of the next move.

      Crwd Chart Crowdstrike 1 4 2020

      The Daily Chart has some Notable Bullish Signals to consider.

      • RSI is in a strong uptrend and front running the stock.
      • MACD has had a bullish cross and in reversal.
      • Histogram bullish and ticking higher.
      • The stock has managed to make a higher low, which breaks the trend.
      • Price has closed above the middle Bollinger band.
      • Bollinger’s are pinching closed signalling a significant move imminent.
      • Volume has spiked considerably.
      • Reclaimed 7&12 moving averages as support.

      The 30-Min Chart had a Very Interesting Close on Friday.

      CRWD formed a beautiful Flag pattern, which is extremely bullish and will place the stock on watch lists globally, as many investors and traders start to prepare for Monday. A significant break up from this pattern could ignite a significant move.

      Crwd Crowdstrike 1 4 2020

      Targets to consider:

      Short term          $55 – to the Fibonacci golden pocket.

      Medium Term    $58 – to the overall .236 Fib retrace level.

      Longer term       $66 – to a confluence of Fibonacci expansion and retrace levels.

      Entry Point:

      A breakout and up from the flag could be a good signal to possibly accumulate but any break will more than likely be back tested so no need to jump in to early.

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