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    No Safe Havens, No Where To Hide. | #GOLD $BTC #SP500

    No Safe Havens, No Where To Hide. | #GOLD $BTC #SP500 Rarely have we seen, or will we ever see again, the market conditions and volatility that has dominated the markets since late February. Culminating in mass panic and hysteric selling; the downside pressure intensified as buyers disappeared and bids at very low levels were...
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    The #CoronaVirus / $COVID-19 Watch List | #BullishCharts

    The #CoronaVirus / $COVID-19 Watch List | #BullishCharts The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (caused by the COVID-19 virus) has had devastating effects on the lives of many worldwide. With the death toll already in the thousands, investors have swarmed to stocks that are tying to tackle the outbreak; some of which having rallied as...
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    #Tilray Needs An Adult In The Room | $TLRY

    #Tilray Needs An Adult In The Room | $TLRY Shareholders of Tilray, Inc (NASDAQ: TLRY) have suffered, blow after blow, throughout 2019 and 2020. Every day seems like Groundhog Day, with just another story to detract from any long-term positivity. From a bull’s perspective, there are several very worrying recurrences within the behavior of the...
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    The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Driven By #Lithium | $LIT

    The Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Is Driven By #Lithium ⚡ $LIT  Telsa, Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is not the only choice when it comes to investing in the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution. Given its sky-high valuation and current price tag at $900+ per share, we are leaning towards investments in its component suppliers and competitors in...
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    Euphoria, #FOMO & the Mighty $VIX | #VolatilityIndex

    Euphoria, #FOMO & the Mighty $VIX | #VolatilityIndex Suddenly, in the Autumn of 2018, disaster struck all U.S. markets with great force; as the Federal reserve sent the world’s investing public into a tailspin.  The selling off of all U.S. stock markets was transparent; kicked to the floor thanks to compounding downgrades and negative earning’s...
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    The Bears May be Out of Ammunition… Finally. #Aurora | $ACB

    The Bears May be Out of Ammunition… Finally. #Aurora | $ACB Is it possible that the closet has been fully emptied and there’s nothing left for the bears to focus on? In layman’s terms, there is basically nothing new that could surface to cause continued fear and panic selling amongst retail investors. Aurora Cannabis Inc...
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    Has #CanopyGrowth Paved the Way to Recovery? #MarijuanaStocks | $CGC

    Has #CanopyGrowth Paved the Way to Recovery? #MarijuanaStocks | $CGC Just a little more than 7 months has gone by since Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC) made the radical decision to oust its founder and CEO, Bruce Linton. It came with great sacrifice; causing an even greater pullback in the stock’s price; as Linton did...
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    #MarijuanaStocks | $MJ is Not Up in Smoke Quite Yet

    #MarijuanaStocks | $MJ is Not Up in Smoke Quite Yet 🚬 Warren Buffett once said that as an investor, it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”  Money is not made by buying tops, but by buying the bottom. Wise investors have the ability to detach sentiment...
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    Alphabet Searches For Some Investor Love | $GOOGL

    Alphabet Searches For Some Investor Love | $GOOGL Commentary has been quite negative post earnings release from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL). As a result, we’ve already seen the company’s stock drop as much as 5%. This, however, should be kept in perspective. Personally, we are avoiding the noise from sell side analysts; with an agenda...
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    SuperBowl of the Cloud: $AMZN vs. $MSFT

    SuperBowl of the Cloud ☁️: $AMZN vs. $MSFT The two (2) biggest contenders within the cloud industry have both demonstrated outstanding performance and results for the 4th quarter of 2019. What we, now, must consider is: ‘Which is the better team to bet on, as we proceed deeper into 2020?’.  Analysts and commentators have, of...
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